[RFC] Postmortem Report

This is sample postmortem reporting to review chronologies, provide the mitigation from the issue and solving the problem during period time


  • YYYY-MM-DD Issue Name.
    2020-09-01 Failed to Replicate Database Slave in Node-2.

Issue Summary

  • Summary of issue that describe all chronologies.
    We had issue in replication slave server database in node-2. This issue running at 07:00 due to can’t connect the slave server DNS to DNS server master. Impacted to unable connected for some of microservices that using slave server as pointing reading / query read to database.

    List of microservices impacted:
    • Microservices 1: Auth
    • Microservices 2: OTP


  • List of microservices or other infrastructure resources impacted for this issue.
    Impacted microservices:
    • Microservices 1: Auth
    • Microservices 2: OTP

Impacted infra:
DNS slave


  • List of trigger issue.
    • Cloud provider running on maintenance starting at 2020-09-01 02:00 GMT+7 and end at 2020-09-01 03:00.
    • Some of DNS changed as the impacted of maintenance.


  • List of detection issue.
    • Detect on Metrics for failed replication (with snapshot picture)
    • Detect on Log for dns changes (with snapshot picture)

Root Cause

  • List of root cause for the issue.
    • Slave server database in node-2 can’t running due to can’t connect to DNS server master.
    • DNS server master had been moved to other pointing address due to cloud provider maintenance.


  • List timeline issue from beginning until end (resolved).
    2020-09-01 07:00 Metrics show failed to replicate the slave server database in node-2
    2020-09-01 07:10 Raise the alert on P3 Escalation
    2020-09-01 07:12 Oncall ack the issue
    2020-09-01 07:15 Taking action for manual replication slave server
    2020-09-01 07:30 All Replication had been restored
    2020-09-01 07:35 Monitoring phase replication (for about 10-15 minutes)
    2020-09-01 08:00 Operation slave server database in node-2 is back to normal

Resolution & Recovery

  • List of resolution & recovery action
    • Manual replication for slave server
    • Repointing DNS slave node-2 to new DNS master

Corrective and Preventive Measurements

  • List of action item / procedure to make correction & prevention (as mitigation)
    • Update threshold metrics for alerting, raise to P2 for escalation level.
    • Raise open ticket for cloud provider dns issue moving impact.

Financial Impact

Product Impacted Start DateTime – End DateTime Impact Type
(Outage, Error Rates, Latency Spike)
Monitoring Links Log Links
  • Detail of Financial Impact

Division / Team Name

List of division / team which impacted for this postmortem

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[RFC] Performance Testing K6

Monitoring Dashboard

  • Monitoring Dashboard URL


  • Logging Dashboard URL

Operations (Executors)

PIC Name Department
DevOps Engineer – 1 DevOps
DevOps Engineer – 2
QA Engineer – 1 QA
QA Engineer – 2
Software Engineer – 1 Engineering
Software Engineer – 2


Supervisor Name Department Remark
@zeroc0d3-devops DevOps  
@zeroc0d3-engineer Engineering  
@zeroc0d3-iot IoT  
@zeroc0d3-data Data  


Deployments Request Limit
CPI (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb)

Performance Test Report

Cycle Virtual User (vus) Duration (seconds) Date / Time Service Component Before Inprogress After Jenkins
Monitoring Link Remark (Logs)
Start End CPU (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb) Performance Test Process After Performance Test Process
1         EKS <deployment-name>                    
RDS <rds-name>/<db-name>             N/A     N/A


K6 Website:    https://k6.io/
K6 SourceCode: https://github.com/grafana/k6