Laravel Cheatsheet


composer create-project laravel/laravel ProjectName --prefer-dist Create new Laravel project
composer require laravelcollective/html Laravel Forms & HTML components (additional steps)
composer require laracasts/flash Easy flash messages for Laravel App by JeffreyWay (GitHub)
composer require intervention/image Import image handling and manipulation library for Laravel (additional steps)
composer update Update composer file
composer dump-autoload Regenerates the list of all classes


php artisan make:controller nameController Make new Controller class
php artisan make:controller nameController --resource Make new Controller class with RESTful Resource
php artisan make:model ModelName Make new Model class
php artisan make:request nameRequest Make new Request class
php artisan make:middleware nameMiddleware Make new Middleware class
php artisan make:auth Install registration and login views and routes for all authentication end-points.
php artisan route:list List all routes
php artisan migrate Make migration
php artisan migrate:rollback Rollback the last database migration
php artisan make:migration create_table_name --create="table_name" Create table
php artisan make:migration add_column_name --table="table_name" Add column to the table
php artisan app:name ApplicationName Change application name
php artisan down Put the application into maintenance mode
php artisan up Bring the application out of maintenance mode
php artisan dump-autoload Regenerate framework autoload files