AWS Summit ASEAN 2023

Get Ready for new excited event from AWS Summit 2023 ASEAN.

Implementing Observability using AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) will present:

– Introduction Observability and Monitoring
– Introduction OpenTelemetry and ADOT (AWS Distro for Open Telemetry)
– Demo sample with Golang RESTful API

In conclusion, by implementing AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT), you have taken a crucial step towards ensuring the performance, reliability, and security of your RESTful API application.

With it’s powerful features and seamless integration with OpenTelemetry, ADOT provides real-time visibility into your API, helping you to quickly identify and resolve performance issues and keep your API running smoothly.

All material presentation will also publish in series at my personal blogs:, stay tune and keep in touch!

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AWS Summit ASEAN 2022

Just to remind you for new excited event from AWS; AWS Summit ASEAN (Online), will be held on May 18th 2022.

Join me and my fellow community speakers and register at:

I will presenting the topic: Using IaC with Terraform to provision Big Data Platform on Amazon EMR.

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