[RFC] Performance Testing K6

Monitoring Dashboard

  • Monitoring Dashboard URL


  • Logging Dashboard URL

Operations (Executors)

PIC Name Department
DevOps Engineer – 1 DevOps
DevOps Engineer – 2
QA Engineer – 1 QA
QA Engineer – 2
Software Engineer – 1 Engineering
Software Engineer – 2


Supervisor Name Department Remark
@zeroc0d3-devops DevOps  
@zeroc0d3-engineer Engineering  
@zeroc0d3-iot IoT  
@zeroc0d3-data Data  


Deployments Request Limit
CPI (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb)

Performance Test Report

Cycle Virtual User (vus) Duration (seconds) Date / Time Service Component Before Inprogress After Jenkins
Monitoring Link Remark (Logs)
Start End CPU (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb) CPU (mi) Mem (mb) Performance Test Process After Performance Test Process
1         EKS <deployment-name>                    
RDS <rds-name>/<db-name>             N/A     N/A


K6 Website:    https://k6.io/
K6 SourceCode: https://github.com/grafana/k6

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